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New High Waisted Workout Pants

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New high waisted workout pants | Azzurra Soul

Our new and improved collection of active wear now includes high waisted workout pants. Our new collection of workout pants has an elastic band which sits above the hip makes working out comfortable and easy!


 Perfect for yoga too!

You can be confident wearing our high waisted workout pants in your next yoga class as our leggings our fitted yet stretchy so no pulling up your pants when your doing a hand stand. Plus in addition to the high waisted band, our yoga leggings have an inner pocket and come in a range of colors and patterns. 


Why are high waisted workout pants so popular?

Yogi's, gym junkies and moms around the world all want the same thing, to be strong, confident, relaxed and happy when they're working out. There also seems to be a trend for high waisted skirts and pants on the fashion scene which is why we are now seeing active wear providers like Azzurra Soul satisfy the market. 


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Why not check our new range of high waisted workout pants? 

So if you're after high waisted workout pants start shopping here for our new high waisted leggings


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