How to wear white leggings and rock your next workout

Posted on April 17 2017

How to wear white leggings and rock your next workout | Azzurra Soul

White leggings have often been seen as risky, dangerous and too out-there. Remember when you wanted those white bikini's and you tested the water on them to see if they were see through? Thankfully you wont have that problem with white leggings and just so you know they're not risky, dangerous or too out-there! Here's how to wear white leggings and rock your next workout:

  • Wear with confidence: Our material is thick so you wont see through them and our leggings are high waisted
  • Be different: White leggings are rare and rare means valuable so be a rare gem at the gym.
  • White has some advantages: White makes you look tanner and less washed out.
  • White is always in: White is classic timeless and never goes out of fashion. 
  • White enhances your curves: Love your curves and wear them proud ladies especially all the single ladies!
  • Attention Yoga Teachers: Your students will be able to see you and your poses clearly with white yoga leggings.
  • White leggings are versatile: Suitable for most exercises except water sports. You can even where them as street wear.
  • You'll be easier to spot in the dark: White glows in the dark so when you have to go for a quick run in winter you'll be safe.

White leggings are a staple for any gym or yoga enthusiast. Shop here for white leggings


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