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6 Top Tips to Beat the Winter Bulge

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Top tips to beat the winter bulge | Azzurra Soul

Winter and the cooler months can often be the most challenging times to keep fit and healthy. Hibernation can feel so good. Cozy and warm in our beds or at home. But there's no reason why you cant maintain your weight and fitness levels in winter. Here are 6 tips to beat the winter bulge:


1. Don't be too hard on yourself

It's OK if your weight or appetite fluctuates in winter, in fact it's normal. So don't beat yourself up about it and don't be a perfectionist. All we can do is minimize and mitigate the risks. 


2. Focus on resistance training 

When it's too cold or rainy to exercise outside you can always do resistance training inside. Bench presses on your bath. Push ups. Sit ups on your fit ball. Anything that uses your weight and no you don't need equipment to work out.


3. Always eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast in winter just because it's cold and you feel like hibernating is no excuse. Breakfast will kick start your metabolism for the day and get your body burning fat first thing. Protein like eggs are perfect on a cold morning. 


4. Embrace the soup

It's easy to choose a pasta over a salad in winter but the habit you really want to create is choosing soups. Soups are the hot version of your daily salad. They're' packed full of nutrients and veggies and they're warm! So there's no excuses, embrace the soup. 


5. Portion control

Comfort eating can become the norm in winter. We reach for salty, sweet and eat large portions to comfort ourselves. The need to feel cozy and warm on the inside and out can be a winter trap. Don't give in and stick to your normal portions and walk away from the table. 


6. Stress management

We often become busier in the cooler months and our stress levels can get out of control. Anything that can help you naturally manage your stress levels is a must-do and will help you stay on top of you fitness. Go for a massage, try acupuncture, yoga, walking, painting, drawing, whatever gets your mind focused on something else. 

 stress management | Azzurra Soul


It's easy to give into to temptations of winter but remember Spring is just around the corner! 


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