• 9 Inspiring Quotes about Yoga

    Posted on April 26 2017

    Yoga is more than exercise and taking a few deep breaths. Yoga quietens the mind while adjusting the body and lifting the spirit. It is a spiritual practice of unlocking and...

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  • How to choose the right yoga class for you

    Posted on April 21 2017

      You've decided to take the plunge and finally try yoga. Brilliant! You've been wondering for a while now what all the fuss is about. So you look up your local...

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  • Yoga pants with pockets

    Posted on April 20 2017

    Yoga pants with pockets are an absolute must! Every gym junkie or yogi wants to travel light and exercise free. Nobody wants to carry a fanny bag when they're running and...

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  • How to wear white leggings and rock your next workout

    Posted on April 17 2017

    White leggings have often been seen as risky, dangerous and too out-there. Remember when you wanted those white bikini's and you tested the water on them to see if they were...

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  • Turquoise Leggings for the yoga fashionista

    Posted on April 14 2017

      The latest trend in yoga wear are turquoise yoga pants. No longer is there a sea of black at your latest Bikram yoga class but a sea of blue and...

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  • New High Waisted Workout Pants

    Posted on April 13 2017

    Our new and improved collection of active wear now includes high waisted workout pants. Our new collection of workout pants has an elastic band which sits above the hip makes working out...

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  • These leggings REALLY will motivate you

    Posted on April 12 2017

    The ultimate motivating leggings are here! The hardest part about working out is showing up. The couch seems so more appealing. But not with these leggings. Army camouflage leggings are...

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  • 5 Simple Habits of the Super Fit

    Posted on April 10 2017

    Being super fit is not a special club you can't get into, reserved for the extroverts, naturally athletic and go-getters of the world. In fact, the super fit are no...

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  • The Compassionate Way to Health & Fitness

    Posted on March 22 2017

    The Compassionate Way to Health & Fitness BY LEO BABAUTA Lots of us would like a better body, an amazing workout habit, and a diet that celebrities would die for....

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  • 6 ways to exercise without knowing it!

    Posted on February 04 2017

    Lets face it, we're all busy. Fitting in a gym workout or yoga class at the end of the day is sometimes difficult. So wouldn't it be great if you...

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  • Sometimes you just gotta have faith!

    Posted on January 16 2017

    We're proud to announce our new Faith Collection has arrived. We'll be slowly adding new items to the collection over the next couple of weeks. What is faith? Faith can...

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  • How to be confident wearing leggings

    Posted on January 04 2017

    Everybody feels self-conscious from time to time. It might be on daily basis or like most women, every hour of the waking day! With so many amazing leggings to wear, no...

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  • 4 Secret benefits of yoga

    Posted on December 29 2016

    Yoga is unlike any other exercise out there. Yoga still has many secrets to discover and unlock. Here’s what we do know and just a few of the many secrets...

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  • Win!

    Posted on November 29 2016

      Azzurra Soul Clothing Giveaway! To celebrate the official launch of Azzurra Soul, we're are giving you the chance to WIN $250 Cash or your choice of a Gift Card!...

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  • How to Start Planning for a Mega 2017!

    Posted on November 02 2016

    It's hard to believe but 2017 is just around the corner. Where did 2016 go? If you didn't achieve everything you wanted to in 2016 or maybe you just want...

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  • Azzurra Soul just launched!

    Posted on October 25 2016

    Azzurra Soul is officially live! Today is the day we launch our store. We hope you enjoy all there is to offer at our store! Join our mailing list to...

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  • How to start a yoga practice

    Posted on October 25 2016

    If it seems like everyone is doing yoga these days, its true! The benefits of yoga have been well documented and if you’ve been wondering how to get started and...

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  • What's coming to Azzurra Soul

    Posted on October 24 2016

    Here at Azzurra Soul we have a million ideas coming your way. First there are tank tops coming for people who love to work out and heading into summer. Leggings will...

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